Al Asalah' is an Islamic political party and a component of the Islamic Coalition running in Egypt’s parliamentary and Shura Council elections.


The party was founded in July 2011. The head of Al Asalah’ is Adel Abdel Ma'sod Afify. The party has the support of many senior Salafi figures such as; Sheikh Muhammed Hassaan, Sheikh Muhammed Abdel Salam, Shiekh Mostafa Muhammed and Shiekh Mamdouh Gaber.


According to the party's political program, Al Asalah’ will work on spreading the values of justice and equality. It seeks to restore Egypt’s leadership in all areas that band together with the Islamic law.


The party focuses on achieving intellectual and psychological reforms as a starting step, then move forward towards attaining refinements in the educational and scientific spheres.


It is necessary for the party to get rid of all kinds of tyranny and injustice in order to implement the concept of consultation and to achieve the peaceful exchange of authorities.