Al Tayar political party is part of the Continuous Revolution Coalition, which is running in Egypt’s parliamentary elections. The party was founded in late June, 2011 by a large number of junior members of the Muslim Brotherhood along with a number of liberal youth and independent leftists.


One of the most prominent members in the party is the activist Asmaa Mahfouz, who used to be a member of the April 6 Youth Movement. Al Tayar’s founders assert that the party’s political orientation is far from any political, but backs the principles of democracy and civil state.


Al Tayar party aims at the establishment, support and protection of a genuine democratic country. The party also seeks the involvement of citizens, as individuals, and civil society organizations, as entities, in the management of all the state’s public affairs. Moreover, it affirms the importance of empowering all marginalized groups like; women, youth, and people with special needs.


The party also calls for the implementation of all citizenship rights, and to provide proper services for all Egyptians without discrimination based on race, religion, social status or geographic location.