The Reform and Renaissance party is an Egyptian political party with Islamic reference. It is part of the Democratic Alliance that is running in Egypt’s Parliamentary and Shura Council elections. It was founded in July 18, 2011 and belongs to the Social Political reform project that started in Alexandria in 1997. The party’s leader is Hesham Mustafa Abdel Aziz, who is also the leader of the reform project.


The party’s program welcomes all citizens regardless to their gender, religion, beliefs and opinions. It aims at rising of the awareness of citizenship and the spirit of pride among Egyptians.


The Reform and Renaissance party aims at finding a common ground for the different political powers in Egypt through establishing pillars of civil state, which respects the authority of the law and a constitution that represents the identity and the culture of the Egyptian society. The program also supports citizenship with a respect of pluralism and believes in the concept of equal opportunities.