The Construction and Development party is launched by the Islamist group in Egypt, called in Arabic (Al Jama’ah Al Islamiya). The party is considered to be the group’s main tool in Egypt’s political arena and is a component of the Islamic Coalition running in Egypt’s parliamentary and Shura Council elections.


The Islamist party was founded on June 20th, 2011 with the aim of expressing the ideology and the goals of the Islamic group in Egypt; and to bring together all the groups’ members across the country in one place.


The party has four leaders: Tarek Al Zomor, Safwat Abdel Ghani, Al Shazly Al Shaghir and Ashraf Tawfek. Having an official and a legitimate party like the Construction and Development can be described as a historical achievement for the Islamic group in Egypt.


The party’s program aims achieving several goals as the preservation of Egypt's Islamic and Arabic identity, the confrontation of all critics and attacks towards the Islamists; the rejection of all westernization and secularization attempts and finding ways to deal with what the Islamists describe as corruption, deviation, moral and values decay.


Moreover, the party's political program points at restoring all kinds of political, constitutional and legal reforms, which establishes a system that does not exclude any political direction or political faction.

One of the kernels of the program is to spread the values and concepts of political Islam and to achieve social justice that maintains the minimum level of a decent life that provides necessities as; food, medical insurance, educational rehabilitation and humanitarian accommodation.